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Lady Sutachan's journey began in Colombia, where her lifelong passion for art took root in her early years. In 2004, she ventured to the United States, embarking on a professional path as a photographer. However, her artistic spirit led her to explore the realm of permanent makeup (PMU), and in 2017, she transitioned into this field, leveraging her photography background to assist beauty entrepreneurs worldwide in crafting captivating imagery that sells. 

Today, Lady stands as an esteemed figure in the PMU industry, serving as an International Master Trainer and Ambassador for the esteemed Italian Academy and BIOTEK brand in the US. As a board member of the AAM (American Association of Micropigmentation), and the visionary behind Lady Brows Studio and Academy in Miami, Florida. Lady not only practices her craft but also nurtures the next generation of PMU artists. Beyond her studio walls, Lady's influence extends to international platforms as a judge, speaker, and advocate for women's empowerment in beauty. 

Driven by her dedication to empower women, Lady infuses each stroke of permanent makeup with artistry and authenticity, aiming to unveil the inherent beauty within her clients. Through both online and in-person training, she shares not only her expertise but also the invaluable lessons gleaned from her multifaceted career, inspiring aspiring artists to pursue their passions with purpose and skill.



Karina discovered her passion for the world of beauty and decided to start training in 2019 at Lady Brows Studio & Academy. Karina is a certified artist. From her early days of training, she demonstrated commitment and dedication. Karina is in constant professional training to be up to date with the most trending techniques. We are proud to say that today, she is part of the team. Karina offers services such as eyebrow design, eyebrow lamination, eyebrow tint, and lash lift.



Valencia, a licensed full specialist, is an artist of tranquility and elegance. From a young age, her passion for art, creativity, and beauty led her to the world of esthetics. With a gentle touch and meticulous expertise, she offers a range of services from facials, makeup, and waxing. Creating an oasis of relaxation for her clients.

What sets Valencia apart is her ability to turn routine beauty treatments into transformative experiences. Her space is not just a place for treatments; it's a haven where clients are pampered and cherished. Beauty isn't just skin deep – it's an incredible journey of feeling loved, refreshed, and confident.

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