Service Appointment Bookings:

To ensure you are able to schedule a service appointment for a desired date and time, please book in advance. 

The only way to schedule and book a service appointment at Lady Brows Studio and Academy is by submitting a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit at the time of booking. No appointments will be scheduled without a deposit. No exceptions. 

All of our talented artists work different and have different service fees. It is required that once a permanent makeup service has been scheduled and completed with a certain artist, you must continue to book with the same artist.


We are doing our part to keep everyone safe by properly sanitizing and practicing social distance, therefore we ask you to come alone to your appointment. Although it is optional, we recommend you wear a mask. 

By visiting Lady Brows Studio and Academy you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.


We provide consultations free of charge.

Our consultations are only a 15 minute appointment.

We believe an informed client with realistic expectations will be more satisfied with our treatments and results. Our consultations include education about your unique skin type and a comprehensive discussion about all options and techniques available for you. If you have any questions, we can answer those questions during your consultation.


We ask our clients to arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment to allow time to complete their intake forms. If you arrive 15 minutes late, your appointment will be cancelled and you will lose your deposit, you will have to schedule a new appointment with a new deposit. 

Service Appointment Cancellations and No-Shows:

Any no-shows or cancellations less than 48 hours from the scheduled service appointment will forfeit their deposit and will need a new deposit to schedule a new appointment. 

You will only be allowed to reschedule your service appointment with your deposit if a 48 hour notice is given prior to your scheduled appointment. Deposits will not be refunded. No exceptions.

After 3 consecutive cancellations or no-shows you will be not be allow to book with us. A new deposit will be needed to make another appointment.

COVID-19 Service Appointment Cancellations:

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present.

We will not accept a COVID-19 concern as a valid excuse to cancel or transfer your appointment. The only exception we make is if you test POSITIVE for COVID-19 during the time of your appointment. You must provide us with a verifiable positive test result emailed to After verifying the stated positive results, you will be allowed to use your deposit to reschedule for a new date.

By visiting Lady Brows Studio and Academy you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.


All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. No exceptions.


Service Payments and Gratuity:

We accept  card, cash, or Zelle payments.

We do not accept American Express.

Zelle- Lady Brows 786 872 6028

Once your payment is made to us through any of the methods previously stated, you agree your payment is not refundable and not transferable.

Tips are optional but greatly appreciated!

No Refunds:

All deposits and service payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Payments for services received will not be refunded.

No exceptions.

Service Sales and Discounts:

Once a sale or discount has ended it will not be transferred to another date. 

Service Video Recording, Photos, and Social Media: 

Your picture and video will be taken throughout your visit. These images and recordings could be posted on our social media handles, such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more.

Clients may not film, record, or take photos anywhere on the property. Customers are not allowed to film, record, or take any photos of the artist performing any procedure. 

Child Policy:

Children under 13 are not allowed. 

We ask that parents/guardians make arrangements for children prior to their service appointment. Our space is not designed to care for children.

Your appointment will have to be rescheduled if you bring any child under 13 years old to your appointment and you will need a new deposit to schedule a new appointment. 

No Animals:

No pets or animals are allowed. Only Working Service* Dogs are allowed.

Animals are a health hazard in our studio. For the health and safety of our clients, animals will not be allowed in the studio. This policy applies to, pets, emotional support animals, comfort animals, and therapy animals. 

Your appointment will have to be rescheduled if you bring any animal to your appointment and you will need a new deposit to schedule a new appointment. No exceptions.

*Service animals are individually trained to perform work or tasks for people with disabilities. Service animals are required to be on a leash. Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA. Under ADA regulations that became effective on March 15, 2011, there are no protections for emotional support animals in terms of access to public accommodations and public entities. The Department of Justice has stated that emotional support animals are not protected as service animals under these regulations. Should you arrive to an appointment with a pet that is not a service animal, you will be asked to remove the animal from our studio. 

No Food:

Food is not allowed, you are welcome to step outside if you must eat.

Refuse Service:

Lady Brows Studio and Academy and its staff reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Visitors, clients, and students must abide by our rules and policies or will be asked to leave.